Sunday, 1 May 2011

UD Crypter: How to bypass Antivirus detection

As a reference to my post FUD Crypter, which I had posted previously, I am now posting this UD Crypter to bypass antivirus detection. We have discussed about Cybergate RAT and Keylogger in my previous articles. But, the problem with these hacking softwares is that they are detected by antiviruses on victim computer. Thus, they are mostly deleted by victim antivirus and hence, we are unable to complete our hack. So, to prevent any such detection, use this UD Crypter. I have provided link for software download... just read on.

What is Crypter???

Well, if you are not knowing about Crypter and how crypters work, please refer my article on
FUD Crypter where I have explained all the basics of crypter. Once you've read that article, proceed to the further section.

How to Bypass Antivirus detection:-

1. Free Download
UD Crypter to bypass antivirus detection.


2. I am going to try this Crypter on Cybergate server. So, refer my article on
Cybergate RAT
and create one server. Let this server be named "server.exe".

3. Now, run Twinkle Crypter.exe (works perfectly on Windows XP and Windows Vista) on your computer to see:

4. Hit on Browse and select the Cybergate server created in step 2. Hit on Generate 2-3 times to get random pass. Now, click on "Build" and crypter server named "New.exe" will be created.

5. Run New.exe on your computer. You will find this "New.exe" doing same function as "server.exe".

6. Go to
NVT scanner site and scan this "New.exe" file. While scanning, hit on Browse and select the file "New.exe". Check "Do not distribute the sample" and hit on Submit.

Currently, this crypter is 2/16 UD, but not FUD. Pretty useful in evading most antivirus.
Very soon, I will be posting a FUD Crypter. Till then, try out this UD Crypter. I have tried this crypter with most keyloggers and RATS and has worked with most of them. Fortunately, it is not corrupting our servers.

Note: Since this is a public UD crypter, it may not remain FUD for long time. So, use it as soon as possible. Alternately, you can try out the best hacking software -
Winspy Keylogger
which is FUD (Fully UnDetectable) to any antivirus. This is personally recommended keylogger from Tricks4indya.

So friends, this is all about making your virus undetectable to antivirus. Thus, this UD Crypter will help you to bypass antivirus on victim computer.

Found this crypter working with your server??? Tell us about it in comments. Your comments are awaited.

Enjoy UD Crypter to bypass antivirus...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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