Sunday, 1 May 2011

How To Hack an Email using Hardware Keylogger

Did you know that keyloggers are the simplest way to hack an email password? Today I’ll be giving you detailed information on hardware keyloggers and their use. I will also teach how to hack an email using hardware keylogger. If you are new to the concept of keyloggers or haven’t read my previous post about “All about Key loggers - the Complete FAQ” & “hacking an email account. Here I’ll give a breif description about Hardware keyloggers.

A software keylogger (or simple keylogger) is a stealth computer program that captures every keystroke entered through the keyboard.

Now I’ll tell you what a hardware keylogger is and how it can be used for hacking an email.

Hardware Keyloggers are used for keystroke logging, a method of capturing and recording computer user keystrokes. They plug in between a computer keyboard and a computer and log all keyboard activity to an internal memory. They are designed to work with PS/2 keyboards, USB keyboards and more recently with WIFI Keyboards. A hardware keylogger appears simply as a USB pendrive (thumb drive) or any other computer peripheral so that the victims can never doubt that it is a keylogger. So by looking at its appearence it is not possible to identify it as a keylogger. Here are some of the images of hardware keyloggers for your convenience.

So by looking at the above images we can come to know that hardware keyloggers look just like any USB, PS/2 or WIFI device. So it is very hard to identify it as a keylogger.

Insatalling a Hardware Keylogger to Hack the Email Password: -

The hardware keylogger must be installed between the keyboard plug and the USB, PS/2 or WIFI port socket. That is you have to just plug in the keylogger to your keyboard’s plug (PS/2, USB or WIFI) and then plug it to the PC socket. The following image shows how the keylogger is installed.

Once you install the hardware keylogger as shown in the above two images the keylogger starts recording each and every keystroke of the keyboard including email passwords and other confidential information. The hardware keylogger has an inbuilt memory in which the logs are stored.

Advantages of Hardware Keylogger: -
·       As a user's technical knowledge increases and weaknesses in software become well known, software keylogger become less effective. But in hardware keylogger victim never doubt becoz its computer peripheral.

·       Software keyloggers is always detected by antivirus but its not happen in hardware keylogger.

·        Easy to install in a few seconds! Simply plug it in.

·       It records every keystroke, even those typed in the critical period   between computer switch on and the operating system being loaded.

·        No software installation is necessary to record or retrieve keystrokes. 

·       Hardware Keylogger works with any PC operating system, and stores a continuous log even across multiple operating systems on one computer.

·        Impossible to detect and/or disable by using software scanners.

·       It is a very user-friendly keylogger which can be easily used even by those with little computer knowledge. It has a very simple operation for such a powerful tool. Simply plug the key logger device into the keyboard cable.

·      The log in the KeyGhost cannot be tampered with. It is an authentic record of what was typed, and therefore, it may be used as strong evidence in a court of law.

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