Sunday, 1 May 2011

How To Hack An Account with password Stealer | Hack Accounts

Hi friends, I hope you all are fine, After my previous article for "Hack Facebook Accounts" I'm again here with new Hacking Trick, This is new article or tutor on "How To Hack An Account" . This article is very briefly discussed so that even a very newbie can able to Hack Accounts Using Password Stealer. So Keep on reading to know more ....

What is FUD Password Stealer ?

I am not going to explain this topic in brief just a short intro, As the name indicates It will steal the stored username and password form the victims computer without his/her knowledge.

How To Hack An Account Password Using FUD (Fully Undetectable) Stealer

This is very deep guide and I explained each and every step including Social Engineering which most of us lack to get success, Thus with the combination Stealer and Social Engineering we can able to hack an account. So follow this steps and have a perfect idea: -
·        First of all Disable you antivirus ( Stealer is not FUD, but Crypter Is FUD )

·        Now Download FUD Password Stealer and extract it (folder) to desktop.


·        Create one fake gmail account for your safety and then open the stealer.

·        Enter Gmail username and password as asked and then click on "Build"

·        Now you can see the server.exe file created in the Folder which has stealer

·        Open FUD crypter and crypt the server.exe file and now our spy virus is FUD.

·        You are done, Our spying password stealer is ready

Social Engineering And Human Manipulation

Just creating server (virus) is not satisfied, The main part of Hacking Accounts is to make victim download your virus so that we can able to Hack Account without letting him/her know. For more information on Social Engineering and Human Maniputaion, visit my privious article “
Social Engineering – Art of Manipulation

Steps : -
·        Upload your spy virus on free webhosting sites like (
·        Now just shorten your real download link with or
·        Give that link to victim and ask him/her to download your file
·        He will open the file, within 5 min. you will get all password info in your Gmail account.

How to fool victim ?

This is most important of part of hacking & you also know if you read my privious article “
Social Engineering – Art of Manipulation”.

First start normal conversation with victim and know about her/him (if you already know her/him then its good) , All want things for free without any charge so,,,
1.   Hey I have software to make free calls, do you want it ??

2.   Hey I playing flash game, wanna try

3.   Give them what he want and instead give your infected download link.

So friends I hope you have enjoyed this article much, By applying this method I hacked tons of accounts and most of them were girls. So its very easy to try and will surely get success.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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