Sunday, 1 May 2011

How to make a Trojan virus FUD using PC Guard Win32

One of the most critical aspects while selecting a Keylogger or a Crypter is to see whether it is FUD. If you are selecting a public Keylogger or any public Crypter, it is bound to get detected after some days. So, we can use PC Guard Win 32 software to make our own trojan virus FUD or atleast UD. I tried this PC Guard software with Cybergate server and found that detection rate decreased by almost 50% which was really very cool. So, I am posting the working method to make your Trojan virus FUD using PC Guard Win 32 software. I have provided link for software download... just read on.

How make a Virus FUD - PC Guard:-

Follow the steps below to make your Keylogger server FUD using PC Guard:

1. Free download 
PC Guard software to make your Keylogger trojan undetectable to antivirus.

2. Install and run PC Guard software on your computer.

3. Now, select the keylogger server which you want to make FUD. Select the output file name and path where you want to save the FUD trojan.

4. In General, check all options as shown in image:

5. In Security and Encryption, hit the checkboxes as I've shown:

6. Now, hit on "Protection Methods" and hit on "Plain". Click on "Protect" and PC Guard will do the work of FUDing your keylogger virus.

PC Guard will do the job of FUDing your virus and save the resultant file at desired location. I have tried this with Cybergate server and found this working perfect for Cybergate. The detection rate has gone down to almost half from 13/16 to just 7/16. And the most important point, AVG and Kaspersky (which are most popular antiviruses after Avira) were not able to detect this Cybergate server.

Before using PC Guard:-

After using PC Guard:

Note: This method to make keylogger server FUD will not work for keyloggers made using .Net. Hence, I have tested it with Cybergate which is really efficient hacking software to hack computer remotely. You can make your keylogger server almost FUD or even 100% FUD, if you've selected a UD keylogger with low detection rates.

So friends, this was all about method to make keylogger server FUD by using PC Guard software. As you can see, the detection rate has really gone down, something which hackers always desire for.

Enjoy PC Guard software to make trojan virus FUD...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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