Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hack the Hacker: How to hack Email Account Password using Bintext

Previously, I have posted Gmail Hacker software used to hack Gmail account password & today I m going to post article on “How to Hack Email Account of Hacker??”. Well, its somewhat difficult to hack the hacker. But, there are always chances of getting password of hacker. One of the best methods used to hack Email account password of hacker is using Bintext software. I have link for software download... just read on.

How to Hack Email Account password:-

Bintext is a powerful text extractor software that can extract text from almost any kind of file. It has the ability to find plain ASCII, Unicode and resource strings from the file. The hacker's username and password, if not present in encrypted format, is easily seen in this Bintext interface.

Usually, whenever hacker has to create a keylogger server to hack email account password, he has to enter his Email id and password where he wants to receive the hacked account information. If this entered Email id and password is not encrypted, Bintext exposes the entered Email id and password in plain text format and you can easily hack email account password of the hacker. Simply proceed further to know more on how to hack the hacker.

How to hack the Hacker???

1. Free download 
Bintext software to hack Email account password of hacker. Password: TRICKS4INDYA

2. Refer my article on 
Gmail Hacker
 and create one Gmail Hacker.exe file. Now, though Gmail Hacker is created by you, simply imagine that this is a Gmail hacker file sent to you by a hacker. And you want to hack his (actually yours in this case) Email account password.

3. Run Bintext software on your computer.

4. Hit on Browse and select the Gmail Hacker file created in Step 2. Hit on GO.

5. Now, Bintext will show you all the file information in text format. Move on to end part of the information. You will find Email id and password of the hacker as shown. You can also use Find box at bottom to simplify your search. Enter search terms related to Email domains like Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Rediffmail, Yahoo and so on.

Note: This method used to hack the hacker will not work if Email username and password are encrypted. But, I have checked out and found that many keyloggers and hacking software’s do not encrypt the login information, thus making them vulnerable to Bintext attack and we can easily hack Email account password of the hacker.

So friends, I hope now you will be able to hack Email account password of hacker using this Bintext software. As I have mentioned earlier, it is quite difficult to hack the hacker. But, we have to keep on trying various methods used to hack Email account password.

Enjoy Bintext software to hack Email account password of hacker...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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