Sunday, 1 May 2011

UD Binder: How to bind server to any image file

Previously, I posted an article “Iexpress FUD Binder: How to bind a server to any exe” & today I am going to post  a Binder which can be used to bind our server to any image or mp3 file. I had posted Iexpress Binder earlier. But, this was useful only for exe files. So, I am posting an UD binder which can be used to bind our server to any file including image or mp3 file.

How to bind server to image file:

1. Download UD binder to bind your server.

2. Using this Cybergate tutorial, create a Cybergate server. Also, crypt this server with FUD Crypter software to get FUD Cybergate server.

3. Run this binder on your computer to see:

4. Hit on Add button (as highlighted in above image) and select the server file created in step 2. Also, add the image file with which you want to bind your server.

5. You have to add icon to your binded file. So, go to 
Image to Icon converter site. Upload your image you used in step 3. Set convert options to "Ico" and download the converted .ico icon file. 

6. Now, hit on Setting tab. In "Select an Icon", select the icon file you have created in step 5. Also, select the path where you want to save your binded file.

7. Hit on Bind file to get your binded file as shown:

Now, on running this binded file, the image file will be opened and your server will silently install itself on the victim computer. The victim will have no knowledge of your server, thus helping you to hack his email passwords easily.

Scan reports:

Note: The scan report of the binded file depends on detection rate of your server. So, crypt your server with FUD Crypter before using this Binder software.

So friends, I hope now you will be able to bind server file with any image file using this UD binder software. Remember to crypt your server before binding it with this Binder

Enjoy UD Binder software...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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