Sunday, 1 May 2011

MSN Hacker software: Recover/Hack MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live password

MSN Hacker software has been used and searched consistently on web. MSN Hacker is actually password recovery software used to recover lost MSN, Windows Live, Hotmail account password.
The article below focuses on methodology to hack/recover password using MSN Hacker software. I have provided link for MSN Hacker software download below.

Note: it is illegal to hack MSN passwords of others if you don't have permission from this person. This tool is designed ONLY to be used by the owners to hack their own MSN accounts when they forgot or lost their MSN password unless you have been instructed by someone to hack their personal MSN password (make sure you have a written permission).This tool could also be used by forensic scientists to hack MSN password stored on the local system

How does MSN Hacker work???

MSN Hacker works by searching for locally stored passwords and displaying them in plain text format. Thus, if your computer has locally stored MSN, windows live or hotmail password, MSN Hacker will scan your computer for such passwords and reveal them
to show in a user-friendly readable format. A password is locally stored on computer if "Remember Me" is checked while logging in to your account.

Functionality of MSN Hacker :-

* MSN password decrypter (decrypts MSN Messenger password)

* MSN passwords decoder (decodes MSN password)

* MSN password finder (finds MSN Messenger passwords)

* Recover MSN Messenger password (MSN passwords recovery)

* MSN Messenger password ripper (rips MSN passwords)

* Multiple profiles (MSN ID’s) are supported.

How to use MSN Hacker???

1. Free Download MSN Hacker to hack msn, hotmail password.

2. Install MSN hacker software on your computer and then run it.

3. You will get something like: -

4. Now, hit on Recover Password and MSN Hacker will start scanning your computer and display all the stored passwords in plain text format as shown above.

So friends, if you have lost or forgotten MSN, Windows live or hotmail account password or want to hack your friends' password, try out this MSN Hacker software. The only thing you have to do is run this software and hit on Recover password. If you have any query about this MSN Hacker software used to hack MSN, Windows live, hotmail password, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy MSN hacker to hack MSN password...

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