Sunday, 1 May 2011

Download Cybergate RAT : How to hack Email account password

As we all know, TRICKS4INDYA is devoted to making you all aware of various hacking methods existing online by which you can Hack All Email, Social Network Account Passwords & Online Banking/Credit & Debit card no.  In this article, I am going to post the most useful way on how to hack email account password. This hacking software used to hack email account password is Cybergate RAT. RAT, as we all know, is Remote Administration Tool, used to hack computer remotely. Cybergate RAT is very efficient and simple to use. Just read on... I have provided the link to download Cybergate RAT software.

Download Cybergate RAT - Hack Email account password:-

With Cybergate RAT, you can:-

- Install a remote key logger on victim computer and hack all his password.
- Run Password recovery tool and hack all his saved passwords.
- Capture his webcam
- Capture his screen
- Get the list of all active programs
- Play with his registry, drives, files.
and many more. In short, the victim computer becomes your slave.

So, let’s move on to know how to hack email account password using Cybergate RAT.

1. Free Download
Cybergate RAT to hack email account password.

2. Now, go to and register for an account. Add a host, download No-ip client and connect to your host.

NOTE: You can refer
How to setup No-Ip host
 for more information on how to setup No-ip host.

3. Run Cybergate RAT (works perfectly on Windows XP and Windows Vista) on your computer and hit on Control Center ->Start.

4. Again hit on Control Center ->Options ->Start listening port to get:

5. Enter 100 in text box highlighted and hit on arrow to see 100 moving in the list box. Also, enter password "123456"(without quotes) and hit on Save.

6. Now, hit on Control Center ->Builder ->Create Server to see:

Hit on New and enter the name TRICKS4INDYA and hit on OK. Hit on Forward.

7. Now, you move on to Connection tab.

8. Now, click on DNS and hit on Delete. Hit on Add and enter DNS and port number in format:

Replace with the host you created at in step 2.

Note: If you want to test this Cybergate RAT on your own computer, enter DNS and port as:

Also, fill
Identification: Cyber
Password: 123456 (the password you entered in step 5)

In Installation, Message, Key logger and Anti-Debug tab, you can keep all things same. Or you can also play with available options to suit your need.

9. Hit on Create Server tab, and check "Delayed Execution". You can adjust the time as you wish so that server becomes active only after specified amount of time. When you have completed all above steps, hit on "Create server" and specify the path where you want to save the server.

Note: For testing this Cybergate server on your own computer, in Installation tab, uncheck "Melt server" and also hit on "No injection" so that you can end the server and prevent yourself from any sort of damage. Also, use
Deep Freeze software
to prevent any sort of infection to your computer.

10. Now, when you have created the Cybergate server, its time to send this server to your victim and ask him to install it on his computer.

11. Cybergate RAT server is detected by most antiviruses. So, you need to crypt this server to avoid any antivirus detection. Also, you can use Binder software which binds our Cybergate RAT server to any .exe file so that our Cybergate RAT server is installed without any knowledge of the victim.

Note: If you are not getting any connections from victim computer, you need to forward your port. This is called Port Forwarding. Ple read the article on
how to setup Port forwarding
for all help on port forwarding.

12. Once, you have set up connection with victim computer, you can easily hack email account password of the victim using the remote tools like keylogger. Intact, you are now able to hack all things in his computer. The whole victim computer is your slave. Enjoy...

So friends, I hope this Cybergate RAT download tutorial on how to hack Email account password using Cybergate RAT will be useful for you and you will stop searching for "how to hack Email account password" on web.

Enjoy Cybergate RAT download to hack email password...
Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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