Sunday, 1 May 2011

Download MSN Freezer : Freeze MSN Account Forever

After my previous release of Hotmail Hacker & today, I am goint to post about MSN Freezer software which is useful to freeze msn account of victim. There are many such MSN freezers on web, but most of these MSN Freezers are binded with keyloggers and viruses. Since, this MSN Freezer is coded and designed by one of my friend, you don't have to worry about any sort of infection. Download MSN Freezer using the link given below. I have even added the functionality of freezing MSN forever... check it out.

How does MSN Freezer software work???

MSN has the Anti-brute forcing policy which states that if any account is tried with more than 15-20 wrong login attempts, the account is frozen for some time say 15 mins or so. So, after specified wrong login attempts, even if the victim enters right login credentials, he is not given access to his account due to the freeze time. MSN Freezer attempts to login to victim account using wrong login credentials for more than 20-25 times which forces MSN to freeze the victim's MSN account.

How to use MSN Freezer???

1. Download 
MSN Freezer software.

2. Run this software on your computer to see:

3. Enter the MSN id of the victim.

4. Select the freezing intensity:

Low: Freezes temporarily - attempts to login around 20 times.

High: Freezes permanently - continues to freeze until you stop it. It is useful if you want to freeze MSN forever.

Select the intensity as you want. For test purpose use "Low". If hitting on Low doesn't work for you, opt for "High".

5. Now, hit on "Start Freeze" and keep checking the status. Once the status changes from "Freezing" to "Freezing Done", you can assume that the victim's MSN account is frozen. You can check whether the account is frozen or not in the browser provided at your left side in MSN Freezer.

6. Once the account is frozen by MSN Freezer, whenever the victim will try to login to his MSN account, he will be shown message of "Lockout" like this:

The default MSN will make the victim to enter the captcha. This MSN Freezer is effective particularly for MSN Mobile.

So friends, this was all about MSN Freezer useful to freeze MSN account forever. Remember not to overuse this MSN Freezer as there is a possibility of MSN banning your IP.

Enjoy MSN Freezer to freeze MSN account forever...

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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